Brittany Burke

Brittany is passionate about the possibilities martial arts provide for inclusion, especially having experienced this impact herself early on in life. Her parents signed her up for martial arts lessons at 9 years old in response to the social and academic challenges she faced at school. Often bullied or excluded, Brittany did not have the skill-set necessary to advocate for herself and due to her high-energy, creative personality, her ability to focus on her schoolwork was also a struggle. However, with the accepting and dedicated community of Next Generation, she gained an unshakeable desire to live a life that is congruent with the values instilled in her throughout her time there as a student.

As a teenager, she loved contributing to the place that brought her so much life by teaching younger students, ecstatically inventing new games to play or teaching techniques. She enjoyed the opportunities for creativity, accompaniment, and connection that teaching provided so much that she decided to study education during her time at Boston College, eventually earning her M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction with certificates in Teaching English Language Learners and Serving Exceptional Learners in Catholic Schools.

Her formation as a teacher gave her a social justice-focused lens through which to examine educational contexts and design curriculum that provides equitable learning opportunities, especially for populations marginalized by our society. She is humbled by the privilege to learn from and serve students with cognitive exceptionalities in a multitude of educational settings in Holliston and Boston, as well as in communities in Guatemala and Chile.

Brittany is excited for the opportunity to bridge her role as a martial artist and educator in the hopes of creating a space for students to develop self-compassion, recognize their unique gifts, and commit themselves to their own mental, spiritual, and physical health so that they may bring light to their own lives and the lives of others. She is so grateful to have been a part of the NGMA family for the past 16 years and looks forward to all she will be able to give back as part of the MiVillage community!