Holly Kasper

I am very honored to be a part of the MiVillage community!  I became involved with Next Generation Martial Arts when I signed my children up for karate classes.  I was looking for a place where they could learn self-confidence, self-respect and self-discipline, and from the very first class I knew I had found the perfect place for them. My oldest daughter went from being a shy, reserved child to becoming a self-reliant, strong, confident 2nd degree Black Belt who has become an instructor at NGMA.  My son learned the power of self-control and the determination to finish what he began and earned his 1st degree Black Belt.  My youngest daughter is still on her martial arts journey toward her Black Belt and she relishes the love and support the staff of NGMA gives to her every time she walks into the Dojo.

Not long after my children began at NGMA, I asked Shihan Michael Woods how I could best help my children excel in karate… to which he replied, “Take classes!”  So I did.  And the spark was ignited in me to begin my own journey.  Fast-forward 9 years and I am now a 2nd Degree Black Belt and am thoroughly enjoying teaching karate at the Dojo! I have received amazing camaraderie, encouragement and strength from all those involved with the Dojo.  I relish the chance to give back to the Dojo and to try to ignite the flame in others, so that they, too, will have the chance to receive these same gifts.

I have always loved working with children – from coaching figure skating and soccer to teaching karate. In 2012, I decided to become a preschool teacher, and I began my career at Blessed Beginnings Preschool here in Holliston. It has been such a rewarding career so far.  I love to learn from my students and watch as they learn from me.  The excitement I see in their eyes as they discover new things about themselves and their surroundings energizes me.  I can’t wait to experience the same at MiVillage.  I am so honored to be a part of the MiVillage Enrichment Program, and I look forward to learning from, growing with, and supporting the children and educators who are a part of it.