James Hunter

I have a passion for working with children because they bring a certain joy into my life that nothing else can fill. I came to this realization over the course of ten years as both a karate instructor and student. The dojo (place of study) became my second home. A place I could escape to when school was tough or anything in my life for that matter. I was always welcomed with open arms. It is amazing to watch the students grow and mature in front of you. Seeing my students progress from white belt to black belt is an amazing transformation of both physical and mental strength.  Nothing else can compare to helping them break down barriers and become the best version of themselves. My goal is to combine all of my experience working with children, including karate and various summer camps to create a learning environment that combines the best aspects of both. From helping to develop strong discipline and confidence from karate to a relaxed, creative and free environment from summer camps.

Right now I am a junior in high school attending Joseph P. Keefe Technical school, which is not a typical route for a Holliston student. I am studying Legal and Protective Services. Upon graduation I plan on continuing my education by attending college for education moving forward to become a elementary school teacher. I want to have an open classroom where students move around while I am teaching them how to work with the strengths of each individual student. For me I have never been  the best student, I have always been very anxious and high energy. For my students I understand what they are going through and want to help them learn to deal and manage this gift they have. I am very excited to have been here at MiVillage early on helping build and plan. I cannot wait to see how extraordinary it turns out and to enrich the students and their characters and help shape them into ambassadors amongst their peers.