Preschool Schedule

Everyday looks a little different but everyday includes lots of fun! A typical day at MiVillage preschool includes:

Structured Free Play


Children are given the space and time to explore and play in the learning centers on their own.

Opening Circle


The real start to our day begins when we come together as a group to welcome each other and talk briefly about the day’s planned events. We will also do things like read a book out loud or sing a song!

Outdoor Time


We have a variety of different options for outdoor play including our play area, the rail trail, nature walks and the fields!



Time to pause for a quick snack then back to the fun!

Real Life Skills


Working on real life skills is a very important area for preschool aged children. This time includes working on skills such as pouring drinks, zipping zippers and tying their shoes.

Activity Centers


Activity centers are an important part of our classrooms, and usually involve small-group activities. Your child will do things like play with blocks, experiment with creative arts, engage in dramatic play, read, do age-appropriate math or science activities, or write.

Half Day Pick up – 12:00

Lunch Time


You may notice our lunch time is a bit longer. During our lunch time, we help set the tables for lunch, eat lunch as a group and then help each other clean up lunch!

Transition Time


During this time, we start to get ready for our rest time. This includes setting up our cots and reading a story.

Rest Period


Ssshh … it’s quiet time. Many children will nap, but as they wake up (or if they never quite get to sleep), they can select different quiet activities, such as looking at books or drawing.

Structured Free Play


After a days worth of hard work and learning, its time to play! During this time, children get a variety of different choices including dramatic play, arts and crafts, building, sensory play and more!

Full Day Pick Up 3:00

*Extended day children will then follow our afterschool schedule*