Tyler Lawless

Throughout my life I have always had people that supported me with whatever I wanted to do and love me unconditionally. Having such amazing people in my life has allowed me to follow my dreams and do what I truly love to do instead of the path most people take. I always had a harder time in school socially and academy. After I graduated high school I left to go to college, like most kids do, and quickly realized this was not the path I was supposed to take. I did not feel like I was making a difference anymore and I felt empty inside. I missed knowing that I always found a happy place at the dojo and I absolutely loved the feeling of being able to create that same happy space for other children who may not be having an easy time in school. While I was teaching, I always hoped that kids could come there and forget about anything else that had happened during that day. I hoped they could take an hour to enjoy themselves and just be kids, to feel loved and accepted just like I always did.

After I realized this, I moved back home to return to teaching karate when Philip came to me and said we were opening a new after school program. Instantly, I was so excited to get the opportunity to create another happy place for kids to come in and not only have fun, but also learn very important life lessons that were instilled in us throughout our time at karate. No matter what is going on at school or at home, I hope to take the time to get students’ minds off of their struggles and not only enjoy their time at MiVillage, but be able to take the lessons we are teaching them and use these lessons to make themselves happier every day.