Tyler McGee

I grew up in Holliston and spent many years as part of the Dojo community. I am very happy to be back but in the same place but a new community, the MiVillage Community.  I graduated from Holliston High School in 2018.  I really enjoyed athletics throughout high school and love to play any game that involves strategy. My mother, Ms. McGee, has been a teacher in the Holliston school system since 2010. Seeing her throughout the years has piqued my interest in education. Last year, my aspirations led me to serve in AmeriCorps. I served in a program called City Year. I worked in under resourced urban schools supporting children with academic, social emotional, and personal development both in school and in the afterschool program our service team created.

My time in City Year really instilled in me a passion for helping the youth find success. I do my best to pass on all that I have learned from the Dojo, life in Holliston, and my AmeriCorps experience to all the Children at MiVillage. These qualities include: Personal responsibility, compassion, respect, kindness, politeness, honesty, accountability, discipline, and mental/physical health. If you have any questions about the program or my experience, feel free to ask; I never mind a good conversation. I hope to see you at MiVillage soon!